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I Blame Myself
for my reputation
my journal
February 2015

Zacharias Smith
Date: 2015-02-22 22:30
Subject: Everything's coming up Linney-Smith
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Tags:marlow linney
Waiting was the worst part of anything. Zacharias had more than enough to keep him occupied, honestly. He had shoots in the best places, and when he didn't, he had Marlow. There wasn't anything he was ever going to complain about.

But he'd been doing auditions and that meant a lot of waiting. Which did not agree with him. It was a nightmare, honestly, a complete nightmare. Which is how he ended up bored and annoyed in his agent's office. He spent a fair amount of time charming junior agents and receptionists, but that could only entertain him for so long.

When he'd finally gotten through to his agent, his mood had completely turned around. Zacharias Smith didn't show that he was over the moon excited about something often, but he couldn't keep a stupid grin off his face the whole way out of the decidedly Muggle office and onto the street. It was still there when he popped home not much later.

"Marlow!" He wasn't entirely sure she was home, but he was later than usual so he figured she might be. "Marlow, I told you I was a convincing Prince Charming!"
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2014-05-27 22:53
Subject: Closed: Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking
Security: Public
Tags:marlow linney, third
The break Zacharias sometimes managed to get during certain points in the year had come and gone. His shooting schedule was starting to get ridiculous, on both the wizarding and Muggle fronts, and he was driving himself insane with casting calls. Why he thought that might be a good idea was still beyond him. He'd yet to hear back from anything, but he was trying to pretend he wasn't actually banking on transitioning to acting in Muggle films - of all things - since shoots were getting more spaced out in general.

It was easy to do that in two certain circumstances: with Marlow and in the middle of actually working.

He'd somehow managed to combine the two. How he'd actually talked Marlow into tagging along to a random private beach where Zacharias was currently trying not to melt while getting stupidly expensive designer trousers wet and ruined by standing in the surf with the sun directly in his eyes.

He was nothing if not a bloody professional so he forced his eyes open enough to look seductive instead of squinty and tried very hard not to look at Marlow and he slung his suit jacket over the shoulder of his partially open, practically see-through even while dry button-down.
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2014-04-03 00:40
Subject: Closed: At least this place is still standing.
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Tags:marlow linney, third
Everything still felt strange for Zacharias. Not having magic for even a little while left him anxious and jittery. It hadn't even been that bad. He'd caught up with Daphne over ridiculously fantastic food with a house elf willing to magic anything up that they may have needed. In comparison to what he was hearing, bits and pieces here and there, a lot of people had fared far worse. His brother had been particularly distressed, neither he nor his halfblood wife having enough experience in Muggle life to do more than play checkers in the dark apparently.

It would be hilarious if it hadn't served to worry Zacharias even more about Marlow. She was at Hogwarts, which was supposedly safe with magic but even then there had been a war on the grounds.

As much as he'd tried to distract himself with Daphne at Cormac's, he'd been worried. Terribly, horribly worried about Marlow. Zacharias half suspected that the castle was held up by nothing but charms anyway. Add that to the amount of young witches and wizards who were probably in a full on panic, and it was probably a disaster.

When he gave in and took the floo to her suite in the castle, he was at least pleased to see the place was still standing. Marlow wasn't there, but she probably hadn't gone too far, he figured. Zacharias wasn't about to go wandering Hogwarts, so he settled in, grabbing that stupid book he'd bought her for Valentine's Day off her shelf and flipping pages to pass the time as he waited.
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2014-02-14 20:41
Subject: Owl to Marlow
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Tags:marlow linney, owl post
Owl to Marlow LinneyCollapse )
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2014-02-01 19:56
Subject: Closed: Marlow
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Tags:marlow linney, third
After the St. Mungo's/Daily Prophet event, Zacharias imagined a good chunk of folks were nursing hangovers and avoiding social interaction. Amateurs. The only reason to bother calling it an early night was schedule related, a hangover was never an excuse. Also, he was just insanely bored. Shoots were momentarily on hold, though they were due to pick back up in the next couple weeks.

Until then, he was making due with essentially going out at every opportunity. At least the bars never changed much, including the bartenders. It was always so amusing when he could get free drinks without trying just because they knew him. Or recognized him. Either way, it made his life easier when he didn't have to run a tab or wait around.

He'd just snatched up his Crown and Coke, aiming a little heavier than usual, when he turned around, leaning back against the bar. Sometimes people watching was half the fun for him. Then he saw Marlow, who was always more fun with that, even before she'd been single and the outrageous flirting had actually yielded an end game.

Dodging around a few people, thankful the place was a little less crowded than usual, he crossed to stand beside her. "Making use of non-school nights?"
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2014-01-10 22:19
Subject: (no subject)
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Journal now used for: hl_lives

Zacharias Blake SmithCollapse )
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2012-08-11 17:50
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:topic-party, type-first
I trust everyone's recovered after last week.

To the Gryffindors that tried living in the loft guest room for three days: I knew you were there, expect a bill for expenses.
To the Hufflepuff that broke half the furniture in the extra room adjacent to the purple guest room: How even?
To the lovely, brunette Ravenclaw: I'm trashing your skirt and that one shoe you left if they're not picked up imminently.
To the redhead, Slytherin: Thanks, but no thanks. Also, I'm keeping the pictures.

To everyone else, you're welcome.

And now the boredom sets back in. I've done enough to entertain you lot this month. Someone repay me by doing something interesting.

And go!
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2012-08-03 19:09
Subject: Paris Party! (Saturday, but posted early by request)
Security: Public
Tags:topic-party, type-third
Zacharias loved parties, especially when he was throwing them. Granted, that meant he wasn't going to be drinking nearly as much as he wanted, but someone had to make sure no one blew his house up. He'd delegated bartenders to Daphne, a fair bit of decorating to Mandy, and made Megan entertain him. He sort of felt bad asking them to do anything else.

As the night went on, though, he realized he shouldn't have worried as much. The bartenders were kick ass and the already elaborate townhouse looked even more banging. Some kid had decided to DJ and had decent taste. Zacharias had only had to turn away five children (anyone under fourth year shouldn't be allowed in public without adult supervision).

All in all, Zacharias was pretty smug over the whole thing. He stood on a coffee table to glance around, take in who was conversing with whom and what sort of drama he might be able to shut down or exacerbate.

He caught sight of Pansy scowling at something or everything (who could tell with her?) and waited until she glanced at him to make a face

Then he hopped down and went to find Megan because she was usually more entertaining than everyone and a damn good wingman.
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2012-07-30 21:44
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:topic-party, type-first
I'm refusing to get all closed off about death this time around. Not like when Diggory was murdered.

I'm calling for a less elitest party this weekend. No fancy shenanigans, just typical shenanigans. You all need it; don't even front.

Saturday night: Smith, avenue Junot, Paris

Being on lockdown isn't a bloody excuse. You're all wizards and witches. Make with the magic and sneak out or risk being mocked relentlessly until you graduate.

Daphne, still handpicking my bartender(s)?
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Zacharias Smith
Date: 2012-07-23 23:30
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:person-daphne greengrass, topic-fam, topic-holiday, type-first
Mother is having a fit. Apparently, the best way to make sure I'm not killed due to lack of supervision is to ship me off to France where I have less supervision.

I'm not complaining. It took me four hours to convince her Cardiff with my cousins one who may or may not be a Death Eater or just sympathetic to whatever bloody cause they have is more dangerous than Paris alone.

Whatever will I do due to all the stress of being attacked and the loneliness of an empty townhouse?

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